This year

This year

Some years are different and this is one such year. For me it will be more peaceful and easygoing than some previous (recent) years.

Plan is:

  • continue learning and reading, even more than before
  • finish some important software modules (not whole projects)
  • finish open real estate projects that dragged for quite some time
  • think
  • study known laws of children development to make co-existing with stubborn undeveloped brains a bit easier for everyone involved
  • reflect, introspect, understand myself better and in new light according to changed outside environment (global and local) and passage of time
  • continue collaboration with people which apart from possible true friendships also includes experiments with various measurable results and incentives
  • continue reading about new horizons like A."I.", inner workings of present and future microelectronic/fotonic chips and of course distributed technologies...

The purpose of blog for this year is smaller random posts like this one.

When blog is running on new technology then search, coherence and granular targeted permissions will improve... this will happen one of these years.

Losely coupled knowledge collaboration with the help of distributed technologies is something to keep thinking about. Education, understanding and science are the way forward. Technology is complex, people even more so and the mixture can be either destructive, euphoric or a combination of everything.

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